Presenting & Commentary

  • Live fashion related commentary

  • Video presentations and virtual 'How to....' filming

  • In-store styling tutorials for customers

  • 'Navigating the Sustainable Fashion Era'

  • VIP styling appointments for private clients

  • Workwear Conundrums

  • Jewellery showcases

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Staff Training

  • - How to present yourself on screen (IGTV/ Zoom)

  • - Reading your customer; turning browsing to purchasing

  • - Trend Reports & how to discuss Sustainable Fashion

  • - Looking the part: fashion inspiration for new and existing team members


Editorial Content & Writing

  • Copy writing for press releases, product launches and online retail.

  • Longform articles (1000 words plus) for national press, hotel magazines and retail-related media

  • Script writing for digital content

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